04 The Shepherd Became a Lamb

  Original Choir Recording with Narration 

music Mark Hayes,  re-arr. Wilson Fong

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  No Trumpet 


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 Original Choir Recording with Narration

  Harp Optional, can use part of Piano's music

no percussion  



  - with 2nd Cello and Euphonium playing Double Bass part


Lyrics translation

當 荊 棘 冠 冕 奉 上, 為 何 相 識 的 都 遠 離?
當 身 體 因 鞭 打 受 傷, 隨 著 祂 的 信 徒 在 哪 方?
忠 心 門 徒 亦 往 躲 避, 剩 我 主 被 兵 士 欺?
皆 因 主, 我 牧 者, 成 為 犧 牲 的 聖 羊 羔.
Where were the ones who knew Him, when they fash-ioned a crown of throns?
Where was his flock of be-liev-ers when they beat Him with scour-ges and scorns?
Where were His faith-ful dis-ci-ples when they struck Him with their hands?
Where were they when the Shep-herd, when the Shep-herd be-came a Lamb?

引 領 的 慈 祥 牧 者, 看 顧 眾 羊 群.
在 那 天 背 上 刑 具 實 在 寸 步 難 行.
上 帝 竟 讓 獨 愛 子 擔 當 世 界 罪 孽,
慈 憐 牧 者 捨 身 顯 神 愛.
(成 就 萬 世 恩 典 顯 神 愛.)

Gen-tle guide, ten-der Shep-herd, car-ing for His sheep,
now a cross up-on His back, He stum-bles through the street.
Per-fect love and sac-ri-fice shown by the Son of Man,
when the Shep-herd be-came a Lamb.

當 主 經 過 路 巷, 為 何 相 識 的 只 遠 望?
當 主 的 手 腳 被 釘, 平 日 愛 徒 在 哪 方?
當 木 頭 懸 在 髑 髏 地, 憑 愛 代 世 人 死!
高 掛 的 主 卻 祈 求 說: 「父 啊! 赦 免 人 所 做 的!」

Where were Je-sus's fol-l'wers when they led Him through the street?
Where were the ones who loved Him, when they pierced His hands and feet?
Nailed to a tree of re-jec-tion, he died on Cal-va-ry.
Yet on the cross He showed love, "For-give them," His dy-ing plea.

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