FINALE Reader download page

Since the very first day of CABC Orchestra, we have been purchasing and using FINALE program and our orchestra will continue to support and promote this convenient and powerful software.  At the moment, the 5-user licence is distributed between Wilson Fong, Vivian Chan, Sham's family, Sze's family, and Canaan worship team.  In year 2010, the license will be re-distributed to whoever can and need to write music for church use. 

All the music is written using FINALE and therefore you need a FINALE Reader in order to open, print, and listen to the music.

Orchestra members are encouraged to make the best use of the software to help you practice, for example:

1. Print out your part

2. Listen to your part using the "Play" button

3. practice your part, you may play along with the computer playing your part.

4. once you are confident, open the Full Score and play along with the computer full orchestra. 

* FINALE Reader 2010 *

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