Sydney Hymn Festival

Last updated: 27th September 2007

Practice times

Dear All Orchestra members

The Hymn Festival is only 10 days away and I wish you have been practicing well!  Please check the above attached schedule of the program, as well as whether your name and parts are correct in the orchestra members list (to be submitted to Sacred Music Association for printing)

 The arrangement on the 13th Oct Sat practice.  Morling College 120 Herring Road

* Orchestra members are to arrive at 945am to prepare for 10am start. 

2.   *  It is a .dressed・ rehearsal.  Dress code is white top with black skirt/trousers.

      * The rehearsal will finish at 12:30pm for orchestra.

4.      * Please have All your music printed and put in a black folder.  Bring your music stand as well.


The arrangement on the 20th Oct Sat is as follows:

1.      * Orchestra setup will start on 530pm.  Please try your best to arrive 15 minutes early in the Salvation Army Congress Hall, 140 Elizabeth Street, City.  For small instruments the nearest public transport is Museum Station.   For drivers with big instrument there should be a lane access to the back stage for drop-off.  Please study driver・s map beforehand. 

2.      * Please prepare some water for yourself, as well as easy .dinner・.  Only a brief dinner break of half an hour will be offer around 630pm.  

3.      * Observe the Dress Code:  white top and black bottom.

4.      *Bring your folder, music as well as stands.


The Piano / Keyboard arrangements are as follows:

-         Olivia play Piano only.   It is Olivia・s duty to make sure she is playing in the correct order.

-         Anthony play Cymbal and Snare drum

-         Gary and Vivian Chan share the Keyboard, the Triangle and Tambourine. 

-         For Songs marked .ORCHESTRA・ Gary play Keyboard and Vivian use Triangle/Tambourine as needed, otherwise assist Gary

-         For Songs marked .keyboard・.  Vivian will play the keyboard with sound changes (Theatre organ / pipe organ)


Please note the following time for practices, please arrive 15 minutes early :

Sept 2nd (Sun) 3:30-5:30pm   at CABC-West Ryde (1 Reserve Street, West Ryde)

Sept 16th (Sun) 3:30-5:30pm   at CABC-West Ryde (1 Reserve Street, West Ryde)

Sept 30th (Sun) 3:30-5:30pm   at CABC-West Ryde (1 Reserve Street, West Ryde)

Oct 6th (Sat) 10:30am - 4pm at Morling College chapel (120 Herring Road, Marsfield; near Macquarie Uni) This is a combined practice in 3 sessions.  Morning session with Orchestra only.  Afternoon sessions with the SACSM choir.   Sufficient time for Lunch and afternoon break.

Oct 13th (Sat) 10am-12:30pm at Morling College  (120 Herring Road, Marsfield; near Macquarie Uni)   This is also a combined practice.

Arrangement on October is to be confirmed.


Music arrangement is shared between Cedrick Leung, Wilson Fong and Vivian Cham.  Please follow the following Link


What is Sydney Hymn Festival?

The Sydney Hymn Festival is co-organise by the Sydney Chinese Churches Association (仇H頴|p|) and Sydney Association for Chinese Sacred Music (t車Pi|).  In which a number of traditional hymns will be sung at the evening of the 20th October 2007 (Sat) at Salvation Army's Hall in city.   We are organising the orchestra to be the accompaniment of the night.

As this is a joint-church initiative, about half of the orchestra members will be coming from CABC, and half of musicians will be from other churches. It will be a great occasion to join in the worship through the traditional hymns.  It is expected that there will be about 500+ audience attending, and as there are about 22 songs to be played in such a short time, the score will be kept as simple as necessary. 


Committee & Helpers

Orchestra committee are as follows:  Wilson Fong, Fanny Sze, Teresa Tam, Vivian Cham, Cedric Leung.

Any Inquiries please contact Wilson Fong at



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