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Coming Practice

28th January 2007 (Sunday) @ Chinese & Australian Baptist Church - West Ryde

1 Reserve Street, West Ryde. (Next to Koorong Bookstore)

3:15pm-3:45   2nd audition: for new musicians who missed the 1st audition.

4pm-5:30pm  Practice (arrive 15 minutes earlier for setup)


Musicians are required to:

1. Bring your music, music stand and, of course, your instrument

2. Download and print the music beforehand.

3. be there 15 minutes earlier to tune and prepare your instruments



Overview of Music Program at May 5th Evangelistic Program at entertainment centre  (from Alan Lee)

At the 5 May 2007 event, I proposed to introduce music varieties in the program.

In terms of music appreciations, the music dynamic gradually builds up by layers (From Hand Bell to Orchestra to Choir). The concept is to project varieties and cross overs music style, creating an elegance contemporary experience to the audience.

In terms of spiritual unity, this event provides an opportunity for churches to come together to serve as “ONE CHURCH”.  A variety of music ministries are involved in this project, from classic to modern music to drama ministries.


Skit – A short skit will be play between songs. The skit aims to relate the songs to the audience (especially, Non-Christian) daily life. 

Hand Bell Choir – by Central Baptist Church Hand Bell Choir. 

Orchestra – a 30 – 40 people Orchestra for this event. Orchestra cross over with Pop music is a trend nowadays. Not only creating a grand and modern atmosphere. More importantly, we can unite the power/resources from different churches.

Backing Choir – a 50 – 70 people’s choir. It serves a similar purpose as the Orchestra. Creates a grand atmosphere to the event.


Opening (Video Clip)

Orchestra’s Music

XX mins

Hand Bell Choir + Orchestra

To be confirmed,

5 mins

MC introduction


XX mins

Orchestra + Band + Choir + Audience Joining in


5 mins



2 mins

Orchestra + Band + Choir


4 mins

Orchestra + Band + Choir + Audience Joining In


5 mins



2 mins

Orchestra + Band + Choir + Teaching Audience Hand Sign


6 mins

Orchestra + Band + Choir + Teaching Audience Hand Sign

Shout to the LORD

6 mins

Artist Program


XX mins

Children Choir


5 mins

Total music program durations


40 mins